Coaching History includes ( but not limited to )…..

“My first ever coaching ( that we can remember ) I did was a Choreography Design to ‘Georgie Girl’ at the age of 9,  for a school assembly with 4 neighbor kids. In addition to this, I ran the back yard carnival Talent Shows each year growing up on Orange Street, in Greenville, Michigan.”

  • My Grandfather Eldon Hansen was a Barbershopper.
  • My Father received his 50 year Barbershopper Pin in 2010.
  • My Mother sang in Sweet Adelines
  • My husband has been singing Barbershop since 1986 and is a third place quartet international medalist.

Now, how could I not love 4 part harmony!

In the Professional World I have been honored to work with…

  • Blenders
  • Dapper Dans of Disney World
  • Dick Van Dyke (mostly I got him a lot of coffee)
  • Reprise
  • Rescue
  • Rockapella

In the Barbershop /Sweet Adeline World of Champions, I have been lucky enough to spend time working with these groups during one or more championship years.

  • 4 Star Collection
  • 52eighty, Youth Chorus Champions
  • Acoustix
  • Audacity, Sr. Champions
  • Catfish Bend, CBQC Champion
  • Downstate Express, Sr. Champions
  • Eureka!, Sr. Champions
  • Four Voices
  • Four Voices, CBQC Champion
  • FRED
  • Gotcha!
  • Joker's Wild
  • Masters of Harmony
  • Musical Island Boys, CBQC Champion
  • Nightlife
  • Power Play
  • Reprise, CBQC Champion
  • Resisting-A-Rest, Sr. Champions
  • Revival
  • Scottsdale Chorus
  • San Diego Chorus
  • Swinglish Mix
  • Texoma Sound, Sr. Champions
  • The Marcsmen, Youth Chorus Champions
  • The Ritz
  • Vocal Majority
  • Yesteryear
  • Zing!

Below is a sampling of videos of some of the choruses and quartets I've had the pleasure to work with:


Comedy quartets

Miscellaneous Videos

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