Performance Reviews

We are happy to announce the following!!

1) Simple “Fun” Visual Designs

Looking for a quick visual plan for one of your chorus songs? Need a show number choreographed at the last minute?
Don't have the money to bring in a coach?

We can help!

Depending on the song and the complexity of the plan you are looking for, we can turn around an instructional video for most songs in just a few weeks.

2) Personal Performance Reviews

Your PERSONAL PERFORMANCE POWER is just minutes away.

This is a simple, painless and inexpensive way to get professional feedback on your performance.

This IS the same process used by Scottsdale’s Entire Front Row
In 2010 prior to winning their most recent International Gold Medal in Seattle!

Here’s your chance to raise your performance bar.

3) Personal Performance Skype Session

Great Performances comes in many styles!

Learn about your performance strengths and area where you can advance your skills to a higher level.

Interested in a one-on-one PPSS – Personal Performance Skype Session?

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