Quartet Personal Performance Review

Your PERSONAL PERFORMANCE POWER is just minutes away.

This is a simple, painless and inexpensive way to get professional feedback on your performance.

This IS the same process used by Scottsdale’s Entire Front Row
In 2010 prior to winning their most recent International Gold Medal in Seattle! See the performance below!

  • Are you looking for your very own personal performance review?
  • Do you want to be more confident on stage?
  • Does your quartet need an outside eye?
  • Could your chorus use an expert opinion?
  • Just looking for new ways to raiser your performance?

Here’s your chance to raise your performance bar.

With a painless, private, and in-depth performance review!

For just $75.00 per review/per song

You will get an on line written Performance Review with detailed feedback that is specifically aligned with the link you send us. Giving you specific minute marker on your video to review just like The CHAMPIONS.

Requesting a review is simple:

  1. Complete the area blow specific to your needs (personal, quartet, or chorus)
  2. Attach or up load a link of your performance
  3. Send it to us

In just a few days your written review will come back to you in an email with an attached word doc and private detailed notes.

It’s that simple!!

You never have to be face to face with an instructor to get your feed back.
It’s positive, it’s specific, and it’s painless!

What are you waiting for?
Have a question? Contact me at: ckhcoach@aol.com

YOUR better more confidant performance starts today!

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