Simple “Fun” Visual Designs

Looking for a quick visual plan for one of your chorus songs?

Need a show number choreographed at the last minute?
Don't have the money to bring in a coach?

We can help!

Depending on the song and the complexity of the plan you are looking for, we can turn around an instructional video for most songs in just a few weeks.

Performance Plans can include …

  • Simple Choreography
  • Staging and Blocking Ideas
  • Theatrical options
  • and more…

Want it quick? Want it simple? IT'S as EASY as 1-2-3!

  1. Send us the PDF of the music
  2. Include an MP3 with your interp
  3. Add a few simple instructions and you are Done! We take it from there……

In just a couple weeks, you will receive back a video link which will give you personal detailed instructions for your chorus plan. You can watch it over and over, and over again. You can pick and choose the moves you like. You can even build off the concepts. It's your plan, you decide. Even pass the link on to your visual team to inspire their creative juices and let the "movement begin".

If you are just looking to get a little extra character in those show numbers or "sing out" songs, we can HELP! We make it simple, easy to learn, chorus friendly for your songs, with a quick turn around time.

Standard song pricing starts at $125.00

For urgent needs we can rush design your song in a few days. For an added $50.00 (making the price per song still just $175.00).

Price to fly in a coach:

  • Over $1,000.00 When you look at paying for:
    • Flight: $300.00 est.
    • Hotel: $100.00 est.
    • Parking: $40.00 est.
    • Design fee: $300.00 est.
    • Coaching fees: $300.00 est.
    • TOTAL: $1040.00

Price for a Simple "FUN" Visual Design: Just $125.00

Let's get started…

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Special Note: We can customize more advanced plans for contest numbers, parody’s or Comedy songs, Medleys and more advanced productions.

Contact us at the following email address:

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